Now what?! Your sister is turning 30 this year and you are thinking of how to decorate her birthday cake now that she is 30 years old. Being 30 is not bad after all. It only means that you already left the age of being immature and is now ready to take on the challenges that your life may bring.

Good thing that I have list some 30th birthday cake ideas that you can choose from to solve your dilemma:

  • Aside from putting two candles shaped numbers 3 and 0 on the cake, you may also want to buy two birthday cakes and separate the two numbered candles on top. You may also want to carve the numbers 3 and 0 on the cake so numbered candles will not be needed anymore.
  • You can have the cakes shaped into numbers 3 and 0 and add items on top of the cake that may be significant to the birthday celebrant. These may include plastic or wax made figures of the birthday celebrant’s favorite things, hobbies, special people that made his or her life worth living in 30 years.
  • You may also consider using cupcakes for this 30th birthday cake ideas. You may decorate the cupcakes with the numbers 3 and 0 on top.

Gag Gifts as a cake topper

Gag gifts can be put on top of the cake to symbolize an event or happening on the birthday celebrant’s life;

  • One example is a needle and a yarn if the celebrant likes to cross stitch
  • or a pair of reading eyeglasses to symbolize that the celebrant needs to be more careful now with his or her eyesight since he or she is already 30 years old.
  • Also, a running shoes or ladies shoes on top of the birthday cake signifies that the birthday celebrant is an active person or a very conservative one.
  • Another is a shopping bag at the top of the birthday cake which says that the birthday celebrant likes shopping.

Shape your birthday cake into your desired object which had a significant meaning to your 30 years of existence. An example is:

  • a cake shaped like a guitar. This means that your greatest possession is your guitar.
  • Another example is shaping your birthday cake into a heart. It means that your 30 years of life is full of love.
  • Shaping your cake into a cigarette. It means that you are chain smoker in your entire 30 years.
  • You can also shape your cake to a clock. This signifies that now you are 30, the clock is already fast ticking.
  • Shaping your cake into a teapot means that you are a tea lover during your 30 years of existence.
  • Some also shape their cakes into bags which suggest that you love buying all kinds of ladies bags.

In choosing a birthday cake on your 30th birthday, it does not matter if it is expensive or cheap, one layered or multi layered, colorful or simple. What matters is the life you had in that 30 years you have been through. There may be 30th birthday cake ideas that we can use as guide to decorate our birthday cakes when we turn 30. It will still not show how great or miserable your life was.