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When I was 14, my parents took us to Disney World for the first time. That was the first time we’d been able to take a trip like that. Since both sides of our family lived out of state, we always used all of our vacation time to go to Colorado or Tennessee to visit family. My dad had also been unemployed before that trip, which made it even more difficult to travel. But my parents had always wanted to… Read more »

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I often find myself wondering what I can do to help people less fortunate than I am. I’m blessed with so many things: I live in the U.S., have clean water to drink, a roof over my head, and a pantry full of food, just to name a few. For a long time, I’ve felt a strong urge to find ways to use the situation that I’ve been blessed with to help others. One of my favorite ways to do that is through… Read more »

If you’re looking for a quick, fun Valentine’s Day treat to bake, these strawberry cake mix cookies are perfect. When I was in college, one of my friends brought these to a get-together and I loved them so much that I asked her for the recipe. I was shocked when she said that the main ingredient was cake mix. Every time that I’ve made these they’ve turned out pretty much perfect (which is a testament to how easy the recipe… Read more »

I graduated from college in May 2013 and like most other college grads, I embarked on my quest to find a job. I had many of the classic post-grad worries running through my mind, such as “how can I find a job when almost everyone is asking for at least five years of experience?” I’ve heard that finding your first job after college is often the toughest job searching experience you’ll ever have. It can definitely be a stressful time. For me,… Read more »