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When I was 14, my parents took us to Disney World for the first time. That was the first time we’d been able to take a trip like that. Since both sides of our family lived out of state, we always used all of our vacation time to go to Colorado or Tennessee to visit family. My dad had also been unemployed before that trip, which made it even more difficult to travel. But my parents had always wanted to… Read more »

Our weekend getaway to Cañon City was a few months ago now, but it’s still on my mind because of how much fun it was! That being said, I’m continuing my three part blog series on Cañon City today. Side note: If you didn’t read Part one (about a beautiful but slightly precarious drive we did there), you can check it out here. One of my favorite things we did in Cañon City was an awesome hike called Tunnel Drive. It’s now one of my favorite hikes that I’ve ever… Read more »


A few weekends ago, John and I took our camper on a quick weekend camping trip to Cañon City, CO. As I said on Instagram, it was a much needed getaway. John’s job has been busier than usual and the big event that I’ve been helping to plan at my job is happening in a few weeks, so things are really starting to gear up. All the more reason to take a mental break for the weekend. We’ve had a lot of chilly,… Read more »

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Something you may not know about me is that I love psychological horror movies. That’s one of the reasons why I was incredibly excited to visit The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Stephen King used The Stanley Hotel as the inspiration for his horror novel The Shining, which was later turned into the famous 1980 Stanley Kubrick film of the same name. Whether you’re a fan of The Shining or not, The Stanley Hotel is a fascinating place to visit with an incredibly… Read more »

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Last June, John and I took a fun weekend trip to Montrose/Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, which is in southwest Colorado. We spent the first night walking around downtown Montrose and then the next day exploring the Black Canyon (which was extremely intense-I’m planning on putting together a post on that soon). Downtown Montrose is a quaint city with a population of around 19,000 people. It serves as a gateway for fun tourist attractions like the Black Canyon of the Gunnison… Read more »

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We’re happy to participate in our first Guys Behind the Blog Linkup with Betsy & AJ of Heavens to Betsy, and Laura Jean & Jacob of According to Laura Jean! John’s mentioned before that he would be down to write posts on the blog with me sometime, so when I came across this link-up, I knew we had to do it. June’s theme is all about vacations/summer, which is the perfect topic for John because he’s just as obsessed with… Read more »

One of my new favorite link-ups is EmberGrey’s Grateful Heart Monday, which is about starting each week with a grateful heart. I’m going to try to do this type of post every Monday, because I think it’s a super smart way to get your head on straight for the upcoming week. So, here’s a few things that I’m thankful for this week: { I’m thankful that I have some creative freedom at my new job. Last week I had the opportunity to… Read more »

It’s no secret that I (along with tons of other women) love Pinterest. Sometimes I pin the stereotypical daunting Pinterest craft pins (like the ones that are the inspiration for sites like Pinterest Fail-which is hilarious, btw) but many times when I go on Pinterest I become inspired. The inspiration comes from many different areas, such as a thought-provoking quote written in beautiful typography (advertising major here!), an easy meal that even I (an almost 23 year old who is… Read more »

I’ve always been amazed by airports. Growing up with one side of my family in Colorado and the other side in Tennessee, I spent my childhood taking road trips to see everyone because flying a family of four is expensive. I remember as a little kid, visiting the Denver and DFW airports (this was before 9/11 when you could walk around airports even if you weren’t flying) and watching planes take off from the window, wondering what it would feel… Read more »