It’s no secret that I (along with tons of other women) love Pinterest. Sometimes I pin the stereotypical daunting Pinterest craft pins (like the ones that are the inspiration for sites like Pinterest Fail-which is hilarious, btw) but many times when I go on Pinterest I become inspired. The inspiration comes from many different areas, such as a thought-provoking quote written in beautiful typography (advertising major here!), an easy meal that even I (an almost 23 year old who is… Read more »

Tomorrow I am starting my new job. This job is really exciting to me because it’s my first job that isn’t an internship. Starting tomorrow, I will be a marketing coordinator at the corporate headquarters of Sport Clips. When I stop and think about it, my entire education and then the two internships that I’ve done have been leading up to this moment. It’s crazy to think about it that way. I owe so much of where I’m at today… Read more »