I think I’m going to start doing these “5 things on Friday” posts. The main reason is because I normally have so many quick ideas and updates that I want to post, so this gives me a way to share multiple things at once. I’m also a huge fan of lists. Especially handwritten ones. But since blogging is not very conducive to handwritten lists (with the whole digital thing and all), I think this is the next best thing! So,… Read more »

I’ve decided that I want to buy a wreath for every holiday. I love decorations, and I think it’s too bad that the majority of people only decorate for Christmas. Why limit yourself to just Christmas decorations when there are so many other fun holidays? I live in an apartment, so I can’t do as much as I’d like, but I think putting seasonal wreaths on the door is a fun start until we buy a house someday. I’m sure… Read more »

We all know Valentine’s Day can be [really] cheesy. It seems like half of the cards look the same. That’s why I love it when people get creative and have a little fun with Valentine’s Day. Growing up, it was a tradition in my family to make handmade cards for each other and I almost always made goofy ones, so it’s no surprise that I think these clever cards are awesome. “Well, that’s good to know.” If you’ve been a… Read more »

It’s no secret that I (along with tons of other women) love Pinterest. Sometimes I pin the stereotypical daunting Pinterest craft pins (like the ones that are the inspiration for sites like Pinterest Fail-which is hilarious, btw) but many times when I go on Pinterest I become inspired. The inspiration comes from many different areas, such as a thought-provoking quote written in beautiful typography (advertising major here!), an easy meal that even I (an almost 23 year old who is… Read more »

[Note: This blog post was originally posted on my old blog on October 18, 2013–so for the record, I’m not a crazy person posting about fall things in December!] As many of you know, I’m a big fan of flavored coffee. Of course, this includes the PSL, or the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. I’m such a dedicated PSL fan that if it were available in the summer, I would drink it outside in the middle of August in Austin. Okay, maybe not outside, but I… Read more »