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When I was 14, my parents took us to Disney World for the first time. That was the first time we’d been able to take a trip like that. Since both sides of our family lived out of state, we always used all of our vacation time to go to Colorado or Tennessee to visit family. My dad had also been unemployed before that trip, which made it even more difficult to travel. But my parents had always wanted to take us to Disney World and in 2005, we were finally able to go. We spent 3 days at Disney World and a few days at Daytona Beach. It was also my first time to go to the beach.

Fast forward to 2017. With David getting ready to go into an intense phase of med school, we wanted to try to take a trip as a family before his schedule got more hectic. We ended up deciding to go back to Disney! Back in 2005, my parents had bought 7 day no-expiration tickets. We were actually able to use the remaining 4 days from the old tickets on this trip. It was so special to be able to go back with everyone and also to have John with us.

Guys, I am so excited to share the details of this trip with you. I had so much fun planning everything. To me, the planning and anticipation of a vacation is almost as much fun as the vacation itself. During the two months leading up to the trip, I was pretty much eating, sleeping, and breathing Disney World. I would come home from work and read Disney World trip planning forums to relax (WDW Magic and the DIS Boards mostly). I watched videos of rides to help me choose what Fast Passes to book. I looked at reviews/prices of restaurants and made lists on my phone of which ones to try. I looked at Disney hashtags on Instagram. I fell asleep reading Disney forums almost every night. I was (and still am) pretty obsessed. But honestly, it was a nice distraction. I’ve been working lots of hours at my job and have been working on aspects of my health lately so having a distraction was nice!

I’m planning on writing a blog post for each day of the trip. Before I do that though, I want to give you the lowdown on the basics of our trip:

Where: Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL and Daytona Beach in Daytona Beach, FL

Who: Me, my husband (John), my dad, my mom, and my brother (David)

How many days: 6. Five days at Disney and one day at Daytona Beach

Accommodations: A deluxe cabin (that the five of us shared) at the Orlando/Kissimmee KOA campground

In the next post, I’ll write about day one at Disney (spoiler: we went to Epcot!). Like I mentioned earlier, as I was preparing for this trip, I LOVED reading about other people’s Disney trips. It helped me to plan my own trip and also gave me a little mental escape as I read about other people’s travels. I hope that these upcoming posts will inspire you to take a Disney trip someday or help you plan an upcoming trip there!

So, visit my blog again next week to see what we did on our first day and to learn the answers to questions like: “how will they survive walking around all day in the Florida heat?” And also, “how will Emily cope with sleeping in a room filled with geckos?”

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