I’ve always been amazed by airports. Growing up with one side of my family in Colorado and the other side in Tennessee, I spent my childhood taking road trips to see everyone because flying a family of four is expensive. I remember as a little kid, visiting the Denver and DFW airports (this was before 9/11 when you could walk around airports even if you weren’t flying) and watching planes take off from the window, wondering what it would feel like to fly on one. During my high school years I sometimes worried that I would never have the chance to fly. But I’ve learned that you never know where life will take you. I took my first plane ride at 18 and since then I’ve been thankful to have the chance to fly to several awesome places (including England for study abroad and Hawaii for our honeymoon!). Don’t ever say that you’ll never get to do something, because life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it!

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I like to be comfy when I fly! | Sweater: Old Navy | Purse: Kate Spade | Leggings: Target | Boots: Ross | Suitcase: Target

Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up flying, but airports are kinda magical to me. They’re like these gateways to pretty much anywhere in the world that you want to go. If only it wasn’t so expensive to fly! I love walking through the terminals and looking at the different cities that the people sitting at each gate are going to. There’s so many unique places in the world and I’m curious about almost all of them. I’m always secretly a little jealous of the people that are going to New York City or Seattle, because those are places that I’ve still never been and really want to check out. But, like I said earlier, you never know where life will take you, so I’m confident that I’ll get there someday! I also think it’s fun to people watch at the airport. Airports are generally a melting pot of people, so I’m fascinated by observing. On a random note, once I saw a woman let her toddler attempt to ride on top of her suitcase as she pulled it. It didn’t work out too well. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely had my moments where I wasn’t having much fun at the airport, such as when the TSA made me throw away my souvenir snow globe while going through security in Vegas and I had to go through the line again (yeah that happened), but generally I think being at the airport is exciting.

This past weekend, John and I flew to Colorado to visit family and friends and go skiing. Our flight got delayed so we had some extra time to kill in the Austin airport. ABIA is a pretty cool place because it has multiple local Austin restaurants in the terminals. John and I got BBQ sandwiches at The Salt Lick and ice cream at my favorite Austin ice cream place, Amy’s.

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We had some pretty bad turbulence on our flight to Denver, which was honestly a little scary. I was able to watch free TV on the flight, which helped distract me some from the bumpiness (House Hunters International, anyone?). Seriously though, if I’m going to put myself into a chunk of metal that flies miles high into the air, I don’t want it to be shaking around like a rickety old jalopy. On our flight home from Denver, we ran into a family friend who was also on his way home to Austin from a ski trip. It blows my mind how small of a world it is sometimes. I sat next to him on the flight back and had a nice time getting to chat. Those weird coincidences can be pretty fun sometimes.

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The beautiful city lights of Austin from the plane.

I’ll write more about our trip to Colorado in the next couple of posts and also share some skiing pictures. Thanks for reading! : ]

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  1. Cara

    I love this! I often feel exactly the same. I had flown to Florida a few times as a small child, but didn’t fly again until college…and now feel like a pro at international flight, even, haha! But airports are so bright and shiny and adventurous and full of people being fascinating. The best flight experience was definitely on the way to Scotland, when we flew into a sunrise for about two hours. The sky faded slowly from dark to slightly light, then into beautiful stripes of color – there is *nothing* like flying through a striated summer-morning sky on the way to your dream trip in your favorite country in the world on your first trip abroad….never will forget that morning.


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