I’ve never been a gaudy jewelry person. Most of the necklaces I own are small lockets. When the statement necklace trend first started appearing, I originally wasn’t a huge fan. They were just so different from what I normally wore that I didn’t think I would ever get into it.

However, one did catch my eye when I was shopping at Forever 21 (the necklace that I’m wearing in the photos). I liked it because it’s relatively small for a statement necklace and I love turquoise shades.

how to wear statement necklaces, what to wear with statement necklaces, statement necklace trend

Top: Charming Charlie | Necklace: Forever 21 | Purse: Kate Spade | Jeans: Target | Boots: Ross

Since buying it, I’ve started liking statement necklaces much more! The main thing that I like about them is that they add some pizzazz to a plain shirt. You can take a boring, solid color shirt and then wear a statement necklace with it and instantly make it more sophisticated looking. I’m still not a huge fan of the massive statement necklaces for myself personally but the simple statement necklaces have definitely found a place in my jewelry box!

how to wear statement necklaces, what to wear with statement necklaces, statement necklace trend

 Discovering that I liked statement necklaces taught me a little bit about experimenting with different styles. It’s easy to see a trend and write it off without ever trying it, but sometimes there’s a huge difference between what something looks like on the rack and what it looks like on yourself. It’s fun to try something new. You don’t have to put yourself into a box and say things like “I never wear that color.” How boring is that?! Give it a try and have fun with your style!

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    1. Emily Coalson Post author

      Thank you! I bought two others recently that are a similar size but different colors (one navy and one crystal). I feel like they help me be able to wear the same top multiple times if I alternate the necklaces.


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