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We’re happy to participate in our first Guys Behind the Blog Linkup with Betsy & AJ of Heavens to Betsy, and Laura Jean & Jacob of According to Laura Jean!

John’s mentioned before that he would be down to write posts on the blog with me sometime, so when I came across this link-up, I knew we had to do it. June’s theme is all about vacations/summer, which is the perfect topic for John because he’s just as obsessed with traveling as I am. I’m so thankful that I married someone who also has the travel bug!

So, let the interview begin:

Question 1: What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

John: The best vacation I’ve ever been on was to Hawaii for our honeymoon. 50% Oahu, 50% Maui, 100% total relaxation. (Note from Emily: I have to agree. I don’t think I can fully describe how much I love Hawaii. It’s truly a magical place.)

Question 2: If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?

John: When I was a kid, my family and I had our car break down on a road trip to Denali National Park in Alaska. I’ve always wanted to take that trip again and try to make it all the way there.

Question 3: Are there any summer traditions that you have or would like to start? (think things like big picnics, summer activities, bonfires, or day trips!) 

John: It isn’t really a day trip per se, but I could really see going camping in Buena Vista, CO for a weekend being a summer tradition. It is pretty close to Colorado Springs and centrally located to a lot of the fun mountain stuff in Colorado. (Note from Emily: I would definitely be okay with that!)

Question 4: The 4th of July is coming up…what’s a must-have picnic or BBQ food for you? 

John: Hot dogs, grillin’ beans, and Ruffles with Ranch dip! (Note from Emily: How could you forget S’MORES?!?!)

Question 5: Think about your ideal vacation…are you in a cozy cabin, camping in a tent, or hanging in a hotel? 

John: Do I have to pick one of those? I like camping in our trailer. You get the best of all three!


And that’s it for the questions! Thanks to John for doing that. Fun fact: when John was growing up, his family went on a few month-long road trips and over the course of those trips, they went to all 50 states. I am SO incredibly jealous of this. I think I would have exploded from happiness as a kid if I had been able to do something like that. But I’m really hoping that we can do something similar at some point. I recently created a bucket list of all of the places in North America that I want to try to see some day, so hopefully we can go to some of those places.

If you’re interested in joining this link-up, it’s going to be up until next Friday, July 3rd.

That’s all for today. Cheers!

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