The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Between all of the parades, classic American snacks, baseball games, and sparkly fireworks there are to choose from, what’s not to love? We spent this past 4th of July in Austin.

So, this Grateful Heart Monday post is dedicated to some of the the good things that happened on our 4th of July weekend!

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One of the only pictures I took where people weren’t photobombing us, lol. More on that later!

Good thing #1: As I talked about in this post, my dad had been living in Denver taking care of my sick grandfather for the past 3 months. Well, the weekend before last, we were able to drive my dad back to Austin! We drove to Denver on Thursday night and picked him up from my grandparent’s house. He spent Thursday night at our townhome in Colorado Springs, and then Friday morning we all woke up super early and started the 14+ hour drive to Austin. It was hard for him to leave my grandparents, but after being in Colorado for 3 months, it was time for him to be back in Austin with my mom, at least for a while.

A lot of times, we separate the Colorado Springs to Austin drive into 2 days, but we decided to do it all in 1 day this time so that we could be in Austin for the 4th of July. That much driving in 1 day is not for the faint of heart. It’s about 14 hours of driving time, but when you add breaks it usually ends up being around 16 hours total.

We ate super healthy while we were driving…McDonald’s for breakfast, Fazoli’s for lunch, and Golden Chick for dinner. ;) And I might have eaten a box of Reese’s Pieces too, because being stuck in the car all day is exhausting and I just felt like I deserved it okay!!! I feel like calories shouldn’t count when you’re on a road trip.

We also played multiple games of “go through the alphabet and name one thing in a specific category for every letter.” Does that game have a name? I think you all know what I’m talking about. We learned that my dad apparently thinks that llamas are food from playing this game. (Well, maybe they are in some countries, but definitely not in the U.S., lol!)

It was nice pulling into my parent’s driveway in Austin. It did my heart good to see my parents finally reunited again after 3 months of being apart.

Good thing #2: Going to a Round Rock Express baseball game on the 4th!
round rock, round rock texas, round rock express game, texas blogger, austin bloggerThe Round Rock Express are a minor league team in Austin and I’ve been going to their games since I was in 8th grade. It’s seriously one of the most fun things to do in Austin, and it has the perfect ambiance for the 4th of July. I mean, you can’t get much more American than baseball and fireworks on a summer night!

The middle-aged dude sitting behind us at the game would not stop photobombing us every time I tried to take a picture. It was comical because his wife/girlfriend was trying to physically restrain him from doing it, but he announced loudly “that’s why you go to baseball games, to mess around and have fun!” So that was somewhat entertaining. I have photographic proof here:

round rock, round rock texas, round rock express game, texas blogger, austin blogger

That guy has made his mark on our family photo album forever. Clearly I was prepared.

I have to mention that I found this patriotic shirt at Khol’s the other day. I thought it was so cute that the flag is on the pocket. It’s not the clearest picture of it, but you get the idea!

round rock, round rock texas, round rock express game, texas blogger, austin blogger,

Fireworks are beautiful but it’s so hard to take a good picture of them. Normally I just watch, but I couldn’t resist trying to snap a few photos. I think this one turned out the best.

round rock, round rock texas, round rock express game, texas blogger, austin blogger, round rock fireworks

John is obsessed with fireworks and my parents live in a part of town where it’s legal to set off fireworks within the neighborhood, so we bought quite a few to do on our own. The whole neighborhood goes crazy for days. It’s awesome yet terrifying at the same time. I tried to take some photos of us with the sparklers and roman candles (I posted one on Instagram here-I’m basically holding fire, nbd). A few of them turned out pretty cool, so maybe I’ll put some in a blog post once I edit them.

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July! I’m participating in Ember Grey’s Grateful Heart Monday Link-Up. Click here to join us and read all of the other posts!

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  1. Lauren

    Man, I bet that was tough for your parents to be separated for so long! I bet it was nice to be all together again. That guy in the back though!


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