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My name is Emily & I’m 27. I’m married to my best friend, John, who is my college sweetheart. We live in a small, blue house in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado with our tabby cat, Oliver, & our big yellow dog, Sunny. I work at the Y as a Membership Consultant. I LOVE to travel & go on adventures but I also love curling up with a book, Netflix, or my journal. I love both the mountains & the open skies; the beach & the forest; big cities & little towns…I think all of it is awesome! I try to exercise (walking, hiking, zumba, & yoga are my favorites) & eat healthy-ish but I also love the occasional chips & queso with a margarita (I’m from Texas so I love my Tex-Mex!). I love fashion but I love t-shirts & yoga pants almost as much. I love to be silly & have fun but I’m also pretty sensitive. I’m both a cat person & a dog person (yes that can be a thing!). I normally call myself an extroverted introvert.

Life can be hectic for us with trying to balance work, marriage, health, pets, family, and everything else but I always try to look for the beauty in it. A lot of why I write this blog is to document that.

Ideas of Emily is a creative outlet for me and a place to connect with others. I write about everyday life, travel, style, faith, living adventurously & deliberately, furbabies, etc.

I’m happy you stopped by!

P.S. I also post pretty often on Instagram (@emilycoalson) so feel free to say hi there too. :)