Your best friend’s 25th birthday is almost nearing and you still cannot think of how you will be celebrating it with your families and friends.

Come to think of it, you will find it amusing to still celebrate somebody’s birthday that will turn 25 years old. Having dinner, going bar hoping or even going out of town are some of the most common 25th birthday party ideas that almost all of us have been thinking of planning and doing.

But let me suggest some of the uncommon 25th birthday party ideas that will surely bring fun and unforgettable memories not only to the birthday celebrant but to the family and guests as well.

Spend more – $$$

If you have the money and the means to celebrate one’s 25th birthday, you could rent an adult arcade package which include typical arcade games and a restaurant and a bar and let your friends play some typical arcade games.

Another one is having a casino night birthday party. This is a perfect choice of a party idea to someone who likes playing cards and other casino games.

Budget in Mind – $

If you are the type who just want to spend a birthday party within your means and budget, here are some of the practical but still enjoyable ideas that are worthy of consideration:

  • You could plan a bowling birthday party in one of the bowling alleys near your area. Aside from the games itself, most of the bowling alleys also offer food and drinks which can be enjoyed by the birthday celebrant and the guests.
  • You could also make a reservation in one of the favorite bars or disco houses of the birthday celebrant. A couple of tables and booths are enough to get everyone on their feet and get the party started.
  • Also, planning on a road trip or going out of town is also suggested. This will just require some of the birthday celebrator’s closest friends and family members since this party idea will require exploration and on the road adventure most of the time.

Simple yet exciting – $$

But if you are the type of person who is simple and does not want any sort of planning just to throw a birthday party of some sorts, here are some simple, cheap but fun ideas that you could take note of.

  • Having an intimate dinner party in a fine dining restaurant tops my list. You could choose from having food served in a buffet-style for a relaxed affair.
  • While for a more formal affair, you could host a cocktail dinner with a four-course meal and wine on the side. And you could have your dinner catered and served by your favorite restaurant or ask a few friends to help you prepare and organize the food menu.
  • If one of your best friend’s favorite artists will have a concert in town, why not invite him or her to a concert and celebrate his or her 25th birthday at a live show. Rock and roll! You could assign someone in your circle of friends to bring and drive a van or a big car for the said event so all of you can arrive at the same time at the venue’s concert.
  • If your best friend wants to relax and rejuvenate him or herself after a day’s work, why not plan for a spa birthday party. Enjoy getting massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and other body treatments that will surely relieve one’s body of stres . Or the birthday celebrant and your group of friends can avail the spa’s services such as getting a new haircut, coloring your hair or doing make up preparation for a one night out with friends.