Since Christmas parties are one of the most common party themes for children, it stands to reason that really fun party game ideas would begin and end with Christmas themed games.

Kids love relay races and a candy cane relay is a particularly fun one. In this simple game, you create relay teams-there should be at least two, but ideally four children on each team and at least several teams to make it fun.

Give the starting child a candy cane that they place over their fingers. They can’t use their thumbs to hold the candy cane, but instead they hang the candy cane over their fingers, almost as if the candy canes are hangers and the fingers, closet rods.

The first child runs to a mark, where the second child is waiting and passes the candy cane to the second child only using those fingers, no thumbs .

The relay continues back and forth from one mark to another until only one team is running with a candy cane (and all the others have fallen to the floor).

Pass the Ornament relay game is a fun game in which each team gets one ornament (one of the lightweight, plain glass ones is fine), and a straw. They blow through the straw to get the ornament down a designated path, where the next child begins blowing the ornament down the path. Make sure each child has their own straw.

Finally there’s the anything relay. One fun way to play this game is to give each team of runners a set of Christmas socks. The first runner must put on the Christmas socks, run to the next runner take off the socks, hand them over and then the next runner puts the socks on before continuing the race. You can also do this game with a Santa hat, a Santa beard, or even a reindeer headband.

These are great games for a Christmas party that’s held inside when children are antsy. They can have fun playing a game that also lets them release their energy.