surprise party

Do I need a surprise

Thinking about the idea of ​​a surprise party, first of all, think about whether such a gift is appropriate, whether your friend or relative is ready to accept it. The easiest way to resolve this issue is if you are arranging an unexpected holiday for a child, or for your other half. Be careful when planning a surprise party idea for a friend. Throw a surprise party only if you are sure that it is appropriate, that the hero of the occasion has no other plans, that there are no circumstances that can prevent him from enjoying your gift.


You will need an accomplice in this matter. If your child has a birthday, then it may be the second parent, if your husband or wife, then it is appropriate to involve his (her) parents, older children, or a close friend. In general, you need a reliable person from your inner circle, who, firstly, will find out about the relevance of the party, and, secondly, will help to deliver the birthday person at the right time to the place of the party. This is an honorable mission that simply cannot be “flunked”. Therefore, your accomplice should not only be friends with the “object” but also have some acting ability.

surprise party


And you, as an organizer, will need the skills of a playwright and director. We’ll have to come up with an excuse to secretly lure the hero to his holiday. In one of our stories, the dad called his daughter to come with him to a business meeting and brought him on a holiday. In another story, a girl invited a classmate to her own birthday, and when a friend came, it turned out that the party was organized for two. The legend should be believable and pretty mundane. It is not very good, for example, if your accomplice invites his half to a romantic evening, but brings them into the company, in other words, avoid disappointment.

Good place

When organizing a surprise party, the location of the loft can be decisive as it helps to come up with a successful legend. It is better if the loft is easy to find so that the guests do not get lost and come in advance, it will not be very convenient if the birthday person comes at the same time as the guests. The customer focus of the loft is also important – when preparing a surprise, when the birthday person appears, when gathering guests and decorating the space, the administrator’s help may be useful, so you should read the reviews and choose the location where the administrators are ready to take part in organizing the event.


Since the holiday is not organized by the birthday man, you need to understand at the planning stage who will pay for everything and how much you are ready to fork out for. There are no questions if a party is being organized for a child, but it can be difficult to keep the amount spent on the celebration secret from your spouse. When organizing a friend’s birthday, evaluate how much is adequate for your friendship. When organizing a surprise party, our heroes advise splitting the costs for all participants, or at least the most active ones.

What to wear

It makes sense to inform guests about the dress code in advance. It is quite difficult to guess what the main character will wear, so it is better to offer guests either the most neutral dress code, or appropriate to your legend

surprise party


Responsibly treat the most important moment for which everything is thought about. The very moment when the lights come on and everyone shouts “Happy Birthday”, or they bring out a cake with lit candles, or dancers in feathers pop up, or whatever else you are ready to come up with for your dear person. The main thing here is that everyone should work harmoniously – both your accomplice, who must deliver the hero of the celebration on time and secretly to the place, and the loft administration, which will make sure that everything is turned on and working on time, and guests who will heartily have fun and congratulate, and not stand quietly on the sidelines with a glass of champagne at the right time. Make the very moment of congratulations bright and unforgettable, if you have a photographer or cameraman, be sure to discuss that he captures the emotions of the birthday person, because everything is started for them.