If you plan a Valentine’s Day party for adults, get ready to have some fun. Whether naughty or nice, you can really have a lot of fun with Valentine’s Day in an adult setting.

Party game ideas are not hard to come by when planning this adult version of a Valentine’s Day party.

You can start with a simple game of truth or dare, but if you think that some can’t handle the truth, tell everyone to keep it clean. You can also impose other rules, like all the truths must be from your college days (if, say, this is a group of college buddies), or about thoughts you had when you first became a parent.

Of course, if your group would like a racy game of truth or dare, that’s OK, too.

How about a game of breaking hearts? Cut cardboard into a heart shape. This is your dartboard. Then blow up red balloons and attach them to the dartboard. Let everyone have a chance at breaking a heart. Of course, as in the real life breaking of hearts, there’s sure to be someone that is expert at this game.

You can have a potluck party instead of doing it all yourself. Except for this potluck, make an assignment: Everyone must bring red food. To avoid having a buffet table full of red Jell-O and red wine, you can make food assignments (and to inspire extra creativity, make it interesting, such as a bread or soup assignment).

If you want to work the theme of the party around a game, consider a scavenger hunt. Send guests in teams into your neighborhoods or out on the town for Valentine’s Day items. You might have them hunt for a heart-shaped Mylar balloon or a stuffed cupid. Maybe they need to provide photo proof of their successful hunt, and kiss a stranger or give relationship advice to a young couple.

For this game, you can pit the men against the women, or couple against couple. Be sure to have a fun prize for the winning team.

With a little creativity, you can come up with many fun Valentine’s Day games for your party.