But how do you arrange a theme party in an unusual style, from which both you and your guests will be delighted? The answer is simple. Come up with an original script for the event that will make it memorable!

Party styles, ideas for them are truly diverse – everything is in your hands! You can arrange a party in a classic or completely unexpected style. Here it is worth deciding – for what reason we are walking: a classic scenario with a feast in a restaurant and cheerful toasts is suitable for the anniversary. If the holiday is planned for a warm season, go with the guests to the shore of the reservoir (just provide a plan “B” in case of rain).


Movie-themed parties will be a success. They are good because they can be organized and carried out for any reason – the tenth quit employee, the long-awaited test from a harmful teacher, a successful contract (remember the hero DiCaprio obsessed with money and sex in The Wolf of Wall Street – they famously celebrated the deal of the year there! ).

The options for movie-themed parties are endless. We are sure that everyone has a favorite movie or movie character, and many would not refuse to “try on” his image for themselves. And how many possible scenarios!

Do you want to feel like a spy action hero, put on a luxurious evening dress, or try on a tuxedo? A James Bond party is perfect for you. If you prefer to plunge into the atmosphere of magic and be transported to the magical world for a while, then you should throw a party in the style of “Harry Potter”. Can’t live without space sagas and love the glitter of starships and laser swords? Feel free to take Star Wars as a basis. Well, if you have blue sweatpants lying around at home on which red swimming trunks look so harmonious, the Superman theme will be your triumph!


Theme parties are not only exciting but also a lot of fun. With their help, the holidays turn into reality shows, and the participants have the opportunity to plunge into an unusual atmosphere for themselves. For example, parties in the style of certain years are popular: 1930s, 1950s, 1990s. Choose the era that suits you!

And if you are too lazy to think about the style – here is a tip for you hon ow to make a hodgepodge of costumes from a team, a “cool organizational approach.” So, the idea of ​​a party in the style of “Grandma’s Chest”. Its essence lies in the fact that all participants in the event are looking for the key to the old chest, completing easy tasks, and having obtained it, they unlock the coveted chest and put on the outfits of the past decades. This scenario can work even if you don’t have enough costumes for your guests. Simple accessories in the form of antique hats, silk scarves, belts, reticules, and gloves will provide the necessary surroundings and immerse you in the atmosphere of this wonderful holiday.

The best thing about theme parties is that you can make any idea you want to come true. The main thing is, do not be afraid to fantasize, think over everything to the smallest detail, and your holiday will definitely be remembered for a long time!