Happy Birthday! You are now the proud owner of 30 years. Either you like it or not, the years have come, and it is now your job to make the best of it. Why don’t you start with your birthday party?

Below are some 30th birthday party ideas, ready to be taken into consideration.

The first idea is pretty relaxing for you. You start with at least one week before the B-Day, but it is advisable to start with one month before. Make a list of everything you would like to have or to happen at your birthday, then give it to your friends, also the guests. Each one of them should choose one thing on the list, and do it.

For example, someone will have to find the idea for the cake, and somebody else will have to pick up flowers. If your friends like this type of challenges, you’re all going to have a great time when everybody meets up at your house, on your birthday.

Another idea taken from my personal list of 30th birthday party ideas  is also my favorite. Since you are now in the first half of your life, you will better observe the magnitude of the world. The world was here before you were born, and it had a lot to offer.


So, ask all your guests to wear 20s clothes, or any other period of time you desire. Go hunt down the music of those times and have the party of your life. And don’t forget there are at least 21 centuries to choose from.

If your style is a little bit more extravagant, I recommend a Costume Ball. If you don’t really afford to be that extravagant, a masked party in your backyard will do. At this party, all of your guest must come with costumes, famous costumes or at least a mask to hide their identity. Chances are you will know who is who at your party, but the pictures and the fun will always stay with you. And how many people can say they had a Costumes Party for his or her birthday?

The last party idea for you is not that extreme, but it needs very good friends with a pool. Scoop your friends’ pools and see where would you feel the most comfortable. When you find it, talk to the owner, convince him to let you throw a party at his pool. If it is a good friend, he would probably love the idea and accept right away. The good part for you is that you don’t have to worry about not destroying your house.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can destroy your friend’s house, it just means that you will have a better time. Have an open bar floating in the pool. If your friends don’t bring the swimsuits, they don’t drink. This way, you at least know you’ll have great pictures and memories.

Feel free to play with my 30th birthday party ideas and make your own custom party. Your imagination has no limits, so use this in your advantage, and prepare not only the best party you ever had, but also the best party your friends have ever seen. Maybe in a hundred years from now, someone will put your personal party on this list.