A child’s 10th birthday signals the transition into adolescence, and 10th birthday celebrations are the last chance to celebrate childhood as you know it.

Finally, double digits! Your little one will have lonely birthdays forever. While parents may wonder why this is a reason for the celebration (weren’t they easier to handle as a baby ?? !!), your child is probably very excited as they often think of themselves as practical adults by the time they turn 10.
Something as important as two-digit numbers can also be celebrated with a special birthday celebration – like having dinner in a restaurant, a party, or a sleepover for friends. The decade usually also marks your child’s final year in primary school, which is a milestone in itself.

10th Anniversary Celebration Planning

Most likely, your child will soon move to an intermediate level, and a completely new stage in his life will begin.
They still enjoy children’s games, but are less likely to admit it publicly and toss between wanting to be “cool” and just having fun.
Achieving 10th birthday has to strike a balance between childhood and growing up, so it’s definitely an age worth celebrating. When planning your 10th birthday, you need to proceed with caution but relax in the knowledge that you are still safe.

10-year birthday theme

Ten-year-olds still love the idea of ​​themed birthday parties, but their understanding of the topic has changed dramatically over the past few years. They’ll be torn between a traditional birthday party and something a little more grown-up, so you’ll need to pair it right. Here are some great 10-year-old party themes to get you started.

Sports party

A sports-themed party is great for this age group, especially if your child is a sports fanatic. They play games and run like kids at birthday parties, but they don’t think these games are too childish and embarrassing. To learn how to plan a great sports party, check out our article in the party themes section.

Fear factor

This is a real hit for 10-year-olds, especially if they follow Fear Factor on TV. Like the sports party, the Fear Factor Party allows children to be children but also gives them the feeling that they have grown up. Our party-themed section has some great Fear Factor party ideas.

Around the world

Choosing a specific country is a great way to create a theme for a party, especially if your child is interested in something special. It’s easy to match food, decorations, and games to your chosen location, and you can plan your party to be a grown-up (or as childish) as you want. We have some great ideas for Hawaiian luau in the party-themed section and can be easily adapted for other countries as well.


Sleep parties are traditionally more suitable for girls, but boys love the opportunity to hang out with their mates and stay up all night. A real sleep party means your child and his friends start crazy late to watch videos, tell jokes, play games and have midnight feasts. If you want to find great pajama party games, check out Teen Games in our party games section.

Birthdays 10 years

If you want to make your child’s 10th birthday special but don’t have time to organize a themed party, why not invite your child to the celebration. They can bring one special friend or a whole group of companions with them, depending on your budget. Here are some great places to go:

Rock climbing
Art and craft workshop
Family restaurant
Horseback riding
Show or concert
Special sporting event
Blo karting
Water center or water park
Theme park

10th Birthday Food

If you’re having a birthday-themed party, you need the food to match the theme, otherwise, keep the food simple and stick with what you know everyone will enjoy.
Fabulous bread and cherries probably aren’t on your almost “grown-up” kid’s menu, so check the Party Food section for other easy-to-make ideas.

10th Anniversary Games and Events

At 10 years old, your child is still young enough to play strange games (assuming they are, of course, “cool” games), but chances are that he will want to “do” something, not “play”.
Look at your child’s interests and focus on that in games and activities. Our party areas above are a good place to start or try some great games for 8-12-year-olds in the Party Games section.