Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveals party is a party where parents declassify the sex of the unborn child. using concrete – here are some options to help you, more details here

This is one of the ways to celebrate the already beloved baby shower. A celebration where the closest and dearest gather to support the expectant mother before the upcoming birth, have fun, and give gifts for the baby.

The culmination of this celebration is the moment when everyone finally knows who you are expecting: a boy or a girl.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best ideas:

  • Give the envelope with the ultrasound results to the bakery and ask them to make a special cake with the appropriate filling.
  • Make a large box with blue or pink balloons that pop out of it spectacularly. If you are celebrating in nature, then you can fill it with ordinary balloons without helium and confetti, tie it with a beautiful ribbon, hang it upside down between trees. All that remains is to pull the string!
  • Purchase a large balloon (90 cm), put confetti of the corresponding color in it. Fill with helium. Invite your husband to hold it, while you yourself pierce the ball with a sharp object and enjoy the paper rain.
  • Buy a white t-shirt with no print and fabric paint. Ask for a blindfold for you and your husband. Then, with the help of an assistant, he dips his hands into the paint, comes up to you from the back, and carefully makes an imprint on the clothes in the tummy area. Next, ask to remove the bandages. Now you have a beautiful handmade T-shirt!
  • Buy a canvas for paintings. Pour the desired paint color into the balls and inflate slightly. Attach 7-10 balls to the canvas in random order. Grab your darts and throw! The resulting picture will be a real decoration for your home!

Gender Reveal Party

  • You can also use holi paints. Just imagine what fun and riot of color in the photos awaits you! For a boy, blue, blue, green, gray shades are suitable. For a girl – pink, lilac, peach.
  • Want to engage guests? Then spray paints are for you! Buy the color you need, decorate with paper, decorate with ribbons. Prepare also a white linen or Whatman paper in advance. Give each guest a can of aerosol, and about “one, two, three” everyone presses the coveted trigger.
  • Nowadays, original methods of revealing sex at a party are gaining more and more popularity. For example, a smoke bomb or a bomb. This action looks spectacular, the photos are amazing, and the future dad is happy with such technical gadgets on such a holiday.
  • Another unusual way that your men will definitely like is shooting from paintball guns. You can hang a canvas or shoot at a tree trunk. Have you heard of piñatas? Order themed piñata in the form of a pacifier, body, rattles. Usually, the bits are already in the set. Swing around and enjoy the colorful rain of paper and sweets.

Choose the idea that you like the most and arrange for yourself a real holiday full of joy and fun!