17 Birthday Party Ideas

Teens are more likely to want to celebrate their 17th birthday with a party, event, or event that is new, exciting, and mature, just like the age they are approaching. Instead of doing something mundane like a pajama party or bowling, make your 17th birthday a memorable one with one of these 17 birthday party ideas.

1) Birthday Party Ideas: Trampoline Park

If you didn’t already know, trampoline parks are huge rooms covered walls to walls with trampolines where you can play ball for trampolining, do somersaults, and bounce as much as you want. This is a teen’s dream, so do a Google search to see if there is one in your area and reserve a spot for your 17th birthday party. You will definitely have a fun and memorable birthday.

2) Party Ideas 17th Birthday: Poolside

Celebrate your 17th birthday by catching stingrays, relaxing, and having fun by the pool with friends and family. Celebrate at home if you have a pool, at a friend’s house, or make your 17th birthday special by renting a room in a luxury hotel. PurpleTrail offers a variety of pool party invitations to suit your theme.

3) Ideas for 17th Birthday: Dance Party

If you are a teenager who loves to dance, celebrate your 17th birthday by signing up for dance lessons with friends. You can even hire a professional dance instructor to teach you and your friend’s new moves at your 17th birthday party. If it’s too expensive, use DDR, just create a playlist and dance the night away with your friends and family.

4) Ideas for the 17th birthday: Try a flying trapeze.

It’s fun to watch a flying trapeze, but it can be even more fun to participate, especially if you are an athletic and active teenager. Check if there are flying trapeze studios in your area.

5) Ideas for 17th birthday: bonfire, barbecue

Simple and party but very fun 17th birthday party perfect for those having a birthday in summer, spring, or fall. Gather friends and family together with personalized teen birthday invitations and prepare a delicious feast of grilled delicacies to enjoy around the campfire.

6) Ideas for 17th birthday: skydiving indoors or outdoors

Create unforgettable memories of your 17th birthday by doing something crazy like jumping out of an airplane 8,000 feet above the ground. If real skydiving sounds too extreme, celebrate closer to the ground in an indoor skydiving room.

7) Ideas for 17th birthday: renting a cinema

If you are a young film lover with many friends, rent a private cinema of your choice. Ushers will open the velvet ropes just for you and your guests and you can enjoy the whole theater alone. Most theaters even offer party food.

8) Ideas for 17th Birthday: Amusement Park

Eat junk food, play games, and ride the roller coaster with friends on your 17th birthday at an amusement park. Everyone will love the place designed for entertainment.

9) Ideas for the 17th birthday: rent a boat for parties

Catamarans, yachts, and cruise ships – party boats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Pick one that fits your guest list and budget and head to your 17th birthday party at sea for an unforgettable and unique experience that you and your guests are likely to reflect on for years to come.

10) Ideas for 17th birthday: getaway on the weekend

Ask Mom and Dad to help you plan your weekend trip to the place you’ve always wanted to go. Stay in a classy hotel, such as one of these haunted hotels, or save money by camping. Invite a few of your closest friends to spend the weekend with them.

11) 17th Birthday Ideas: Whale Watching.

Learn more about some of nature’s largest mammals and the environment on which whale watching depends. The whale watching season depends on where you are whale watching from, so do a quick internet search to see if your birthday is around that time frame.

12) 17th Anniversary Ideas: Kart Racing

To celebrate your 17th birthday, live your life on the fast lane with friends and family on the nearby go-kart track. Fun aside, go-kart tracks are usually party spots, so you can make a cake, food, and more without worrying about cleaning.

13) Ideas for 17th birthday: hiking, camping

Camping and hiking are great ways to celebrate your 17th birthday because they are not only fun and exciting but also very affordable. Make your hike or camping trip even more special by choosing a unique destination. Read this article on the best hiking spots in North America to find out where to go.

14) Ideas for the 17th birthday: concert, show

Attending a concert, play, or ballet is a great way to celebrate your 17th birthday. Do a quick Internet search to see if there are any bands you like touring or if there are performances, musicals, or ballets in your area. Take some friends with you.

15) Ideas for 17th Birthday: Water Sports

Depending on the time of year and the weather, water sports can be fun. Surfing is an item on many people’s wishlist; cross it out while you’re young and fit. Kayaking, jet skiing are just a few of the sports activities you can do in the water for your 17th birthday.

16) Ideas for the 17th anniversary: ​​professional sports

Buy tickets for a sporting event, such as a professional soccer match, soccer game, or basketball game. Seeing the game of your favorite team in person, your 17th birthday will be unforgettable. Invite a few friends to the company.

17) Ideas for the 17th anniversary: ​​go in for sports, go in for extreme sports

From golf to table tennis, paintball to basketball, there are tons of fun and exciting sports for you and your guests to play on your 17th birthday. If that sounds too boring, try something more extreme like rock climbing, mountain biking, or parkour – or take a lesson to learn how to safely practice these extreme sports.

I hope these 17th birthday ideas have inspired you!