Hawaiian party

To Hawaii – any day

Hawaiian Party is one of the least hassle and most fun adventures. This kind of trip to the islands can be organized in summer, on the beach by the sea, lake, pond, or indoors in winter. If you have a country cottage or a pool near your home, you can also temporarily turn them into the outskirts of Honolulu and plunge into the cheerful atmosphere of the Pacific tropics. And even if you live far from water bodies, you just need to choose an appropriate place and bring an inflatable pool there.

It is no less interesting to have a Hawaiian party on board a rented yacht or pleasure boat. In this case, the rental amount can be divided equally between the participants, and therefore will not seem transcendental. But how many joyful feelings the holiday will bring you, which will charge all your friends with positive emotions for more than one day in advance!

Party invitation

An invitation to a Hawaiian-style party can be one of the highlights of this holiday. At the same time, you can make it in the style of minimalism – dispensing, for example, with ordinary photographs of Hawaii from a bird’s eye view, inscribing the name of the invitee, the place, time of the meeting, and the conditions of the dress code on the reverse side.

On the other hand, an invitation can be the first step to a good mood and prepare the guest for an unusual experience. For example, make one of the simplest carnival accessories – flower beads, for example – and attach it to your message. This will allow you to immediately feel the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday and at the same time give its future participant the opportunity to better prepare his costume.

Hawaiian costumes

A minimal Hawaiian-style suit is a regular swimsuit with a colorful pareo. If this outfit is not enough, or if you create the atmosphere of the popular Pacific Islands indoors, a swimsuit can be replaced by open tops, short skirts, and bright sundresses.

There are a large number of Hawaiian party costumes today. You can use special skirts – beige, green and pink. Or maybe you want to change into not only a Hawaiian skirt but also a Hawaiian floral top or shell bra? Yes, yes, in our online store Vkostume.ru you can choose the chicest and not at all expensive suit. Men can wear Hawaiian shirts or even a whole suit. By the way, Hawaiian skirts on the representatives of the strong half also look quite appropriate and fun.

Don’t forget about pure Hawaiian accessories. No theme party is complete without beads, and straws are a must for cocktails. It is best to purchase these accessories for future use. Perhaps not all of your friends invited to the party know about all the intricacies of this holiday. In this case, bright beads, colored shirts, and skirts will help to quickly solve the problem and subsequently leave the brightest and most joyful memories of the time spent.

Hawaiian party

How to arrange a Hawaiian party?

No matter where you organize your holiday, it should be decorated in bright summer colors. All participants should feel as if they are on the beach of Oahu, and not by an artificial pool, sea, pond, or indoors. For example, if you’re hosting a party in the summer, you can spread plastic on the ground and sprinkle sand on top of it. And that’s it – the famous Hawaiian beach is ready!

Hawaiian colorful garlands need to be placed everywhere. The same garlands can be used to limit the venue of the holiday. You can also use paper lanterns and lots of colored ribbons. Multi-colored balloons, including curly ones in the form of large bright parrots, will not be superfluous. These figurines of overseas birds can be located on the roof of the gazebo, in the trees, and in the most unexpected places – for example, at the edge of the festive table.

In conclusion, it is worth saying a few words about music. The best musical accompaniment is in the form of summer hits – as bright and cheerful as your costumes, overall decor, and table. Moreover, it is not necessary to use only Hawaiian motives – incendiary rhythms from Latin America, including carnival Brazilian rhythms, will bring you a good mood.