We decided to invite you to organize a party in the style of Minions. Such a holiday is doomed to success in advance because minions are the party! In this episode, we’ll show you how to properly organize a minion-themed party.

Let’s start, traditionally, with an invitation to a holiday. It might be a birthday, or it might just be a weekend get-together, for kids or adults. These nuances should be taken into account when creating an invitation letter.

To create the right invitation, remember that this time you have three main colors: yellow, blue, purple. In this case, the yellow color should be used to the maximum.

Let the cartoon characters “Minions” and “Despicable Me” be present in the design of the invitation card. In the invitation, you can specify a dress code, if any, and even designate guests yourself as yellow or purple minions. This will help you then quickly share it into groups when you arrange contests, play games.

Now let’s talk about the decoration of the premises. Any decorator knows that balloons are the best assistant in decorating a room for the holiday. There are many ways to use balloons.

Take latex balloons, for example. They can always be used as a separate design tool, but at the same time, you can make whole compositions or life-size figures out of them. Such figures delight children and parents.

Air minion heads can also be made from foil balloons. There are yellow foil circles in the form of minion heads. These foil circles make very funny compositions.

On full-length figures, the decoration with balls does not end there. Arches usually decorate the entrance to the house, as well as the candy bar area or the place of the birthday person at the table.

If you use special linking balls to create arches, then the task will be greatly simplified. Linkings have very comfortable ponytails on both sides, making it easy to tie the balls.

When decorating the dining area, use multi-colored disposable tableware. For example, yellow plates and paper cups decorated in the style of minions look great. This is easy to achieve if you buy fake eyes in any art store or use marbles and beads as the eyes of our characters.

Disposable cutlery can also be used. It’s both a good idea to avoid washing up mountains of dishes after the party, and safe cutlery for children. Children will be able to behave as relaxed as possible, and parents will not worry about their safety.

Use blue cocktail tubes and palm cocktail sticks as bar accessories. From the cartoons, we remember that minions love the tropical style. You can also attach minion images cut out of cardboard to the canapé skewers.

You can decorate not only utensils but also the food itself! Bananas adored by minions provide full scope for imagination. Decorate them in the style of our heroes and rest assured that kids will love to eat fruits.

It may happen that one of the guests comes to the party without a costume, a little unprepared. For such an occasion, it is worth stocking up with minion-style accessories. Make funny Mignon masks. You can even find bright yellow helmets for children and decorate them with self-made eyes, like those of minions. Eyes made of cardboard can be “planted” on liquid nails or double-sided tape.

To create the desired look, you can also stock up on different cool glasses so that the minions at the party are at least somewhat different from each other. And, of course, at such a party you cannot do without face painting! Everyone will want to feel like a yellow or purple minion. It is better to use special makeup paints, especially if you are planning a children’s-sized party. Children’s skin is very sensitive to materials that are not suitable for make-up.

It is very easy to make up in the style of a minion. These are simply drawn characters, so special drawing skills are not needed here. It is enough to take as an example a few pictures of our heroes from the Internet and stock up on a lot of paint.

If you are organizing a really grand celebration, then, of course, there will be a cake at your party. There is nowhere without a birthday cake, it is the central figure of the holiday. Ask your pastry chef to make a minion-style cake. You can also make various cakes, cookies, and cupcakes in the style of minions.

There will be a lot of entertainment at such a party, and first of all, it will be competitive entertainment. That is, you can arrange various contests with the question “Who will win: yellow or purple minions”, come up with a whole scenario to save the world with yellow creatures.

Pay attention to an interesting way of decorating simple jars with soap bubbles. All it takes is a black strip of paper or satin ribbon and creative eyes. Soap bubbles in themselves are a good mood and a pleasant pastime, and with such a design they will definitely be a success with guests.

At the end of the party, traditionally, it is worth giving the guests pleasant gifts as a token of gratitude. These small gift bags are called bonbonnieres. You can purchase ready-made bonbonnieres or make your own bags from plain paper.

Only yellow sweets can be put into the bonbonniere. For example, the exceptionally yellow M & Ms. You can even make a miniature box of bananas for a bonbonniere. Guests will be delighted to receive such a gift.