Pirate holiday

You are planning to hold a pirate party – there is nothing more fun and exciting for children, especially if your child loves cartoons, movies and books about pirates! It doesn’t matter if you have a girl or a boy, such a birthday will be a real gift for the young captain of a pirate ship. Guests will also be delighted, regardless of age. When will the opportunity to go on an exciting journey along the waves be presented? ideasofemily will tell you how to host such a party.

We invite the brave and courageous

The mood starts small – with invitations. There are a lot of options for decorating a postcard: you can print invitations in the form of a ship, shell, flag. You can make small bottles with notes inside.

The text of the invitation should be in the style of a pirate party and include information about where the event will take place – “The ship is moored to the harbor at …”, talk about the need to prepare an appropriate outfit – “Do not forget your vest, my faithful friend!” Be sure to mention that there are tons of surprises and lots of fun waiting for guests.

Pirate holiday

Turning a room into a ship

It doesn’t matter where you decide to celebrate: at home, in a cafe, in the fresh air (also read “How and where to celebrate a child’s birthday? 12 best ideas!”). In any place, you can create the necessary entourage with the help of decorations. You will need a lot of themed flags both on the walls and as table decorations and dishes. All kinds of marine paraphernalia are welcome: ropes, shells, toy fish, anchors. There is always a little chaos on the pirate ship, so don’t be afraid to overdo it.

Decorate tables and chairs with blue cloth to represent the sea. Recordings of the surf, storm and songs of sea robbers are suitable as background music. Let the children feel like they really have arrived on a sea vessel.

Pirate holiday

Pirate costumes

The main elements of a pirate holiday: a vest, wide pants, or a fluffy skirt for a girl, a hat. You can paint on a mustache and a beard, put a toy parrot on the shoulder, tie a bright bandana on your head.

You need to be prepared for the fact that even if the invitation card indicates the need to dress in a certain style, someone may come without an outfit. In this case, all sorts of elements of the pirates’ wardrobe should be in stock: hats, blindfolds, bandanas.

Pirate holiday

Treats for Young Pirates

Order a cake in the shape of a treasure chest, everyone will like such a surprise. As for the rest of the menu, at the pirate party, children do not need anything special – ordinary salads, snacks, so that children can refresh themselves in the break between active “games and contests”. You can buy baby champagne, or limit yourself to sweet soda, and replace the labels on the bottles with pirate ones: “Champagne for the Young and the Brave”, “The Drink of Real Pirates”.

Pirate holiday

Treasure hunt game

As you know, pirates are bound to go in search of treasures. Think about where you can hide the treasure and go in search of all together. On the way to their cherished goal, little brave men will have to go through many obstacles: solve riddles, compete in accuracy (for example, throwing balls of water into a bucket), collect puzzles (a puzzle with a picture of a chest, the word “Treasures” made of separate letters, etc.) jumping in bags.

The complexity and number of tasks depends on the age of the children, as well as on the place where the holiday is held. Naturally, it is easier to organize more sporting events in an open area, while in an apartment you will have to focus on quiet entertainment.

Guests can be entertained with “creative workshops”, where children can create thematic crafts with their own hands: fragrant soap with fish and sea plants, lay out the sea bottom with mosaics, mold and paint a pirate figurine from wax and paint, as well as cook a favorite dish of the captain of a pirate ship and to create from the sand the hard life of sea robbers.

To visit the ship, to participate in the search for a real treasure – this is what almost any child dreams of. Let your dreams come true! Happy Holidays!