8th bday party ideas

Your 8-year-old is almost approaching adolescence and most likely has some good friends or peers who are excited about celebrating their birthday. It’s important for everyone that you plan a great party with lots of fun games, delicious food, and a delicious cake that they’ll be talking about for months to come.

8th Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some 8-year-old birthday party ideas for both boys and girls. This article should help you plan your birthday well and make it enjoyable for everyone.

8th birthday invitation

1. How to Write a Party Invitation for 8th Birthday

Your invitation should include all the basic details for the guests. It should include:

Date – write the date and preferably the day of the week, for example; Sunday, 12 May 2021
Time – enter the exact start and end time. For example: 15: 00-17: 00.
Location – the address of your home or the location of the party on the street.

2. Reply

To make it sound more welcoming, add a line to the invitation that looks something like: “Please let us know if you join us so we can prepare enough food.”

3. Details of the location of the celebration party for the 8th birthday

Let your parents know about the specifics of your venue.

Include details of the location if you are planning something like a mall, movies, or a children’s area.
Include any details that the parents might find helpful.
If you are choosing places to celebrate an 8-year-old boy’s birthday, such as a zoo or baseball, be sure to add the additional costs that may arise.

4. Party details for the 8th birthday

Any information that parents or children need to know prior to arrival should be added, for example:

The dress code is if it is a themed party and a clear description of what is expected.
Meals – Let your parents know if you will be serving lunch or dinner, and even what is on the menu, so they can be warned of possible food allergies.
What to take with you – Based on the activity, suggest things to take with you, such as a swimsuit, pillows, sleeping bags, or old clothes if you have a drawing session
Surprise your guests. If the party is specifically for your child’s friends and other people in their age group, add a tactful note not to send siblings.
For parents. Also, add a note for the parents asking them to stay for the party or to pick up the kids at the end.

Birthday theme ideas for kids 8 years old

Birthday Ideas For Boys

1. Theme of the party of mad scientists

This is one of the coolest 8-year-old boy birthday party ideas because who doesn’t love mad science! Let the dress code include an apron, goggles, and gloves. Collect many scientific experiments to do safely at home and let them have fun! Match the decoration to the theme, such as hanging rubber gloves on the wall or metal crepe paper curtains. The cake can be an exploding volcano with many flavors and colors.

2. Theme park

If you have a large backyard, all you need to do is rent a trampoline, bouncy castle, and inflatable pool to create your own backyard amusement park. There is nothing that boys enjoy more than physical play, jumping and rolling on a trampoline, or splashing around in a pool. Security is also a concern; so let your parents know more details about your party.

3. Treehouse party theme

The treehouse is one of the funniest ideas for celebrating the birthday of an 8-year-old boy. If your boy does have a treehouse that can accommodate 3 to 5 children, then this is just perfect! Ask his close friends to come to the party and let them eat cake and food at the house. Prepare a couple of pillows and blankets if it gets cold. You can also build a temporary treehouse in your backyard or garage and decorate it with special lighting.

8th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

1. Princess party theme

Whether it’s eight or eighteen, the desire to be a princess permeates all girls, so this should be at the top of your list of 8-year-old girl’s birthday party themes. Order a cake in the shape of a castle. Include the dress code and color of the party in the invitation to make the party look realistic. Decorations remain royal, and a throne is a must for your little princess.

2. Ice skating theme

One of the most fun places to take your daughter and her girls is ice skating for her 8-year-old birthday. Whether they are good at it or not, putting on a pretty suit and trendy skates is a fun experience for girls.

Fun games and activities for 8th birthday

1. The game “Secret Fishing”

For this game, you will need toys, gifts and candies, and a bamboo stick that will serve as a fishing rod. The stick must have a long rope tied to one end to work as a line. The “fish” volunteer hides behind a blue veil across the room or behind a large decorated box for household appliances. On the other hand, players take turns tossing the line and wait for the fish to attach something to it and pull it out. They have to keep whatever they catch.

2. Sweet sucker

To play this game you will need bowls, straws, and lots of sweets like pebbles and M&M. Each child is given two bowls and a straw, and one bowl contains sweets. The game is to suck out the sweet so that it sticks to one end of the straw and transfers it to the other bowl. All children keep their candies, but the one who carries them faster is the winner.

3. Memory game

This game requires a great memory, so the kids who claim to have the best memory are at the end of the line. Your child is at the very beginning and begins with the words “On my birthday, I want …” – a list of what they want to have. The second child picks up and starts with everything the previous child said and adds his own. The sequence continues, new items are added to the list, and a full circle goes. Play the game in teams and get a prize for teams that go full circle without missing a word.

4. Playing the water relay.

This is a great summer game in which parents and their children or groups of children have to pour water from one bucket to another using spoon, cups with a hole in the bottom of the sponges. The winner is the one who tolerates more water without spilling too much water.

5. Balloon Bulls Eye

To do this, you need a light target on the table, such as a stack of paper cups and lots of balloons. Children inflate balloons without tying their necks and launch them at the target like a rocket. The first to receive the stack wins. You can play this game for as long as you like.

Delicious Food Ideas for Kids for 8th Birthday

Great food can make a party or spoil it, so here are some ideas to help preserve their taste buds.

Pizza: Great filling food, you can even ask the kids to cook it themselves. Offer them a list of toppings and even give them a chef’s hat.
Salads: Parents will love it! Layout bowls of two or three types of salad, grated carrots, sunflower seeds, olives, raisins, and more.
Chocolate Fountain: Needless to say, how cool it is. Your 8-year-old girl would like to have one at her party.
Festival food: During the party, you can eat nachos, funnel cakes, fried dough, cotton candy, and cotton wool.
Hot dogs: The kids would like to make themselves hot dogs. Eat onions, mustard, processed cheese, and chips on the stand.
Cold Cuts Themes: Give guests the opportunity to make their own cheese and cold cuts sandwiches using a special cookie cutter.
Burgers: Burgers with custom toppings laid out on the table are also a great idea. Cut the cheese slices into a cookie-cutter that matches your theme.
Candy Buffet: Whoever loves the candy buffet! Add more sugar treats to complement your theme.

These birthday party ideas should give you a lot of work to do when planning your 8-year old’s birthday. Make sure you write down all the details so that everything stays within budget and nothing is wasted.